It is about the earth, it is about you, me and us.

The beginning of dealing with your problem

Have you ever asked God to make a problem go away? Have you ever wished to go back and just undo your mistakes? Have you ever felt like in this life, all you have been doing is, digging your grave? The more you try to make it right, the deeper it becomes and you feel that there is no way you can get out of it. Have you ever felt that in that very same hole, the air becomes thinner, the grounds gather together and you feel this hole that you have created is killing you? One thing you must know is that God will never make your problem away but He will help you to deal with your problem. A child can never grow if they do not learn from their mistakes. If every time we had a problem and He made them disappear, how would we learn? How would we know how to deal with the circumstances that we make and the circumstances that come with this life? God is no magician, He wont make it go away but He will give us strength to face and overcome it. Now when it seems like its becoming too much, its because we have not come face to face with it. Instead we would rather not deal with it and that opens opportunities for more problems to occur and for more problems to pile up. Lets also remember that a man alone cannot move a truck. We need to seek help and not just any help but help that comes from God. You can ask a kid for help but what good is a kid going to do or any other man, that man alone cannot move a truck but God can move mountains, separate land and oceans. He alone has the strength to pull you out of your grave and when you come out, you would have gained strength beyond what any man can do. You become independent of  all circumstances and once you have taken Gods hand. You have overcome all your problems and you have gained the ability to make it without creating your grave. You can never deal with it alone. Seek help, let people in and let God in.Image


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